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FSU2SU (From Start-Up to Stay-Up) – What Is It?

FSU2SU (From Start-Up to Stay-Up)  is a brand I created to house all my activities that involve delivering business support to startups and early-stage companies.

I work closely with founders to build the business strategy/road map/plan and the business ‘engine’ (everything that contributes to the efficient and profitable running of the business) to get their enterprise to the next stage.

Founders whose core skills are focused around the product or service they are building often have limited business experience & expertise. As the business grows, its size and complexity can rapidly outstrip their ability to learn on the job, their business skills and their personal bandwidth.

This is where I come in; I act as a one-off, temporary or part-time ‘virtual business partner’ to help the founder power through to the next stage of growth in a systematic and managed way.

I work with single businesses, groups of businesses that are taking part in accelerators or incubators and with individual entrepreneurs and leadership teams.




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